Be part of the first ENGLIGH group to partake in the 7 week Challenge. The start date for this challenge will be announced shortly!
  • Have you heard of the 7 Week Challenge yet? INTIEM, in partnership with Marriage Capsule, has a fantastic solution to skyrocket your marriage from good to great!
  • if you could give your marriage a score out of 10, what would that be? What if you could up that figure with at least 2 points? That is exactly what this 7 week challenge will help you achieve... and all in the comfort of your own home!
  • We have taken the more tan 11 years of experience as founders of "INTIEM Tydskrif" to develop a all-encompassing course that will take you through 7 levels that will change your marriage. The entire course is completed online - all you need is a cellphone/pc with internet connection.
Group 1 started their journey on the 13th of August, Group 2 is ready to start early October... The feedback that we are receiving from Group 1 is exceeding even our own expectations! More about this later....
If you say "YES" to this challenge, you will receive the following:
  •  A 7 step Marriage course (7 weeks) - INTIEM and Marriage Capsule will guide and assist each step of the way!
  •  A weekly lesson/challenge that will strengthen your marriage.
  •  You form part of a special (secret!) Facebook group where you have access to a marriage counselor.
  •  You have continued access to a marriage coach/mentor for the duration of the challenge
  •  There are celebrities on board as part of the challenge, who will encourage you with weekly voice notes to motivate and encourage!
This course is the complete opposite of boring!

Marriage Capsule includes challenges that you and your partner must complete, questionnaires and quizzes to work through, animation videos to tackle sensitive and tricky subjects, talking head videos where Liezel van der Merwe (managing director of INTIEM) will guide you through the different levels, badges and points to accumulate, prayer plans for your marriage... and an official certificate when you successfully complete the challenge and your name is capture in the "International Marriage Hall of Fame!"
PLUS, you get the following free of charge (when you enroll for the challenge!)
  •  All the Marriage  Capsule Course content in the form of an ebook.
  •  365 Romantic messages to send to your partner.
  • There is also a VIP package that includes a personalized bottle of wine... just in case your partner needs that extra bit of motivation! 
The 7 levels are as follows:
  • Is my marriage worth it?
  •  What are your individual temperaments and how do your temperaments influence your marriage?
  •  What is a man's biggest need?
  •  What is a woman's biggest need?
  •  The art of communication 
  •  Sex in your marriage.
  •  Action plans for a successful marriage.
Want to hear what some of the couples that are currently enrolled in the challenge have to say? READ HER!
What a fantastic session. Our kneecap session resulted in just chatting and reversing back to some of the questions, moving forward again and then the questions grew into spontaneous other questions and wow, it was so good to just hear one anothers precious! ❤❤❤ - Sonya

LOFS was an eye opener and so accurate!!! - Janine

What a revelation!! - Petro

#week2 I'm a LakeOcean and hubby is an OceanSnow. What a combination :-) I was so excited about my husband's results in order for him to actually SEE who he is and what he can accomplish in life. Oh, the discoveries we still have to make 😍 #9monthsofmarriage - Corlette 

What I love about this weeks challenge is that we are actually talking openly and for the first time there is more honesty. Husband talking more openly - #best descion we made together to this course for us and our marriage - Alida

Due to the fact that I work long hours and in a emotional and mentally challenging environment, hubby and I only got to do level 1 today. For the first time in 38 years we looked at our marriage through a magnified glass with the challenging questions, we spoke so openly about the questions and sometimes even ended up laughing but we learnt quite a lot about what is actually going on in one another's hearts. A great start to a very good investment. One can so easily just become housemates as spoken about in level one, specially after being married for so many years. - Sonya

Wow, level 1 was a challenge but interesting. Definitely touching on topics one doesn’t normally discuss. - Petro

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